New Latin Courses at Agora Academy

Latin CoursesExciting updates here at Agora Academy! We have now reorganized the content to make it easier to find each topic that we cover in Latin I. In the Start Learning section of the site, you will find all of the content for Latin 1, Semester 1 separated into 8 Units that are clearly labeled.

For example, perhaps you’re working on the 2nd Declension and want your students to get some extra review on the Neuter Rule? Well, it’s easy to find in Unit III. Or maybe you’re ready to tackle adjectives and are looking for an engaging introduction? Well, adjectives are thoroughly covered in Unit V. With Agora Academy, it’s very easy to introduce additional engaging resources and tailor it specifically for your students. With the modular design of our content, you can use our site as much or as little as you like.

Additionally, for the remainder of the year we have a special offer for all Latin teachers. When you buy an annual subscription ($40), you can now get FREE access for all of the students in your class. That way they have an abundance of resources and practice exercises to help them succeed in your class. Additionally, you have the ability to flip your classroom by assigning lectures for homework and having students practice the exercises in class. To receive this offer, you can email me directly at