Start Learning Latin Today

Start Learning TodayWelcome to Agora Academy! We are a new educational website that makes it fun and accessible to learn Latin. Our curriculum is designed to help both students in a classroom, as well as those learning on their own.

Any teachers or autodidacts out there know how difficult it can be to find Latin resources that are comprehensive, useful, and engaging. And we had that same problem! That’s why we created Agora Academy, which features a collection of entertaining video lessons and interactive exercises that let you immediately apply what you learned.

For the entire month of August, Agora Academy is running a promotion where the first three units of Latin 1 are available for free. This covers a wide variety of topics to get anyone started in Latin, including:

• parts of speech
• the uses of the cases
• the first and second declension
• the present, imperfect, and future tenses
• verb synopses
• prepositional phrases with the ablative & accusative
• learning to translate
• tons of vocabulary practice
• and much more!

To start learning Latin, sign up today for $5/month or just $40 for the entire year. Our promotion runs through August 31st, so you can cancel at any point before then for no cost.

Additionally, classroom teachers should check out our “Teacher Resources” section, which will provide additional worksheets, assessments, and resources for the classroom.

To access these Teachers Resources, or if you have any other questions, you can contact us at

We hope you join us!